Best Tips For Ugly Christmas Sweater Party And Outfits

Are you planning something exciting for this Christmas holiday?? And if you are thinking about theme party then Tacky Christmas sweater party idea is great for a fun and the joyful party. We have some preparation tips for a successful tacky Christmas sweater party this holiday.

1. Send Invitation to Your Craziest Friends or Family Members

For your craziest guest arrange the tone for your party by sending your guest ugly Christmas sweater party invitations like the ones pictured above. Let your guests know ugly sweaters are required and that prizes will be awarded for the ugliest sweater!

For the ugliest outfit, go to any used clothing store during the holiday season – you’ll find some cheesy Christmas sweaters! Also, browse through your grandma’s wardrobe.

3. Accessories Is Most Important

Accessories can often times make the tacky sweater that much tackier! Go to your corner store and look for some lighted pins, reindeer antlers, Santa hats, ribbons, stars and more!

4. Music and Decoration

List a party playlist of your favorite songs for Christmas. The tackier the better! Decorate Party area with Christmas lights, tinsel, stars, paper snowflakes and wrapping paper. You will find tons of fun d├ęcor at your local store.

5. Food

Choose a potluck type food for the party that will work best for you and your guests. Like,
a. Chocolate Covered Pretzels
b. Green and Red Vegetable and Cheese Kabobs
c. Christmas Nacho Cups.....

6. Arrange Games

Organize the interesting Ugly Christmas Party Games like One Minute, couple dancing, Ornament Guess, and Penguin Waddle Game etc.

7. Give an Award

Fixed a voting spot for guests to vote for the ugliest sweater and end of the party declared the winner and have an award that says “Ugliest Sweater of the Year Award”.

8. How to Make Your Ugly Sweater More Ugliest

If you found an ugly sweater and it is not ugly enough, then make it uglier. Visit your local craft store and pick up puff colors, sequins, ribbons, fuzzy pom balls, and anything that would make your sweater uglier!

Good luck with your cheesy ugly Christmas sweater party. Hope this ugly Christmas party makes you fun and lots of enjoyment with your friends or family or loved ones.

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